Betting On A Cure Folding Is No Option Nail Polish



Why a poker theme? Because everyday is a gamble when living with diabetes. We need a cure and we need it yesterday!

"Betting On A Cure, Folding Is NOT An Option" is made up of red, black, and white glitters in the shapes of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. There are also tiny glitters of red, black, white, and iridescent and the base is clear.

For best results, please give your bottle a good shake or roll before using as some settling may occur overtime or during shipping. Each bottle has at least 2 stainless steel balls to help with the mixing. They are also 3 Free (they contain no Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP) and cruelty free.

*****Please note*****Due to variations in monitors and other devices used to view the photos you may notice a slight color difference from the photo compared to the bottle of polish itself.